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Professional text translation

I have been dedicated to professional text translation for more than sixteen years. I have lived, worked and studied in Spain, Cuba, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the USA. These experiences have given me the ability to translate in both languages, Spanish and English.

My professional translation process involves not only the literal substitution of words, but a deeper understanding of the original text, internalizing the central idea and eloquently rephrasing it in the final language. The translated text maintains the natural flow of the original, ensuring fluid communication.

These are the areas of professional translation in which I specialize:

If your text does not match any of these areas, contact me and I will tell you how I can help you.

My workflow



If you need a quality professional translation, the first step is to contact me, I will respond as quickly as possible.


The moment you contact me and tell me what you need, I will analyze the material to offer you an appropriate budget.



If my budget fits your needs, I will start working on your translation, doing it accurately and respecting the original text.



As soon as your translation is ready, I will deliver it to you and we will review the text so that you can verify the result.

Your voice in any language

Solve your doubts

My privacy policy includes a confidentiality clause, guaranteeing that all information you send me, whether for a quote or a professional translation, will be treated confidentially and will never be disclosed or published.

In my work processes I use third parties to check the quality of the translation, all of whom have signed a confidentiality agreement.

Although I do my best to achieve perfection, and have a quality system to ensure high-level translations, I am human and can make mistakes. In the unlikely event that an error occurs, I will stop all other work and prioritize your corrections, returning the translation to you immediately and free of charge.

You will receive your quote within 24 hours, unless there is a problem with the files you sent. If for any reason I cannot respond to you within 24 hours, I will contact you to let you know when you will receive your quote.

My rates for professional translation start at €0.10 per word of the original, and €10 per image, however they vary depending on the total number of words and images, the type of language (technical or general), the format (web page, PDF, .doc file, DTP, etc.) and urgency.

There may be cheaper offers, however I would like to mention that below a certain level it is unlikely that you will receive a text that honors your company.

The contract will clearly indicate all the conditions of the translation, the documents to be translated, delivery date, payment conditions, confidentiality and delivery format.

A contract ensures that both parties understand and agree on all aspects of the translation before the work is done; thus avoiding any misunderstanding.

Unless you request a specific delivery method, your translation will be returned to you by the same method you use to send the document.

All jobs are different, and the nature of the text (general, technical, medical, etc.) will determine the duration of the translation.

When I send you the quote I will include an estimated delivery date, and once the quote is accepted, the contract will clearly indicate the guaranteed delivery date.

Machine translation is increasingly present in today’s globalized world and offers a number of advantages and disadvantages compared to human translation.

One of the main benefits of AI translation is its speed, the software can produce almost instantaneous results, it can also generate content in multiple languages from a single source text.

However, translation using artificial intelligence is not without its disadvantages. Inconsistencies can arise, especially in longer documents, which can be problematic for certain types of content, such as technical documents that require precise and consistent terminology. It also has difficulty grasping nuances and complexities, which can lead to misinterpretations.

I make the world speak your language

Find out how I can convey your message clearly and effectively. I not only translate words, but also cultures.

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