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Who am I

My name is Alex and I am a professional translator.

I have a multicultural background and the luck of being bilingual by birth. I grew up exposed to two different cultures as my mother is British and my father is Spanish. I have had lived in and had extensive professional commitments in Spain, Cuba, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States.

What I can do for you


I translate all types of texts into Spanish or English.

Web localization

I adapt your website to a specific region or language. The original website can be in Spanish, English or Catalan.

Software localization

I offer app translations for the English-speaking market or the Spanish-speaking market.


If your text is already translated, I can review the translation to check that it is free of errors.


I provide proofreading services in English or Spanish to detect possible errors.

Your voice in any language

I can help you with...

I offer comprehensive translation services covering translations from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. In addition, I also translate from Catalan to English or Spanish. If you need a translation, I can help you with:

Funded by the Digital Kit program. Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan for Spain. “Next Generation EU”

I make the world speak your language

Find out how I can convey your message clearly and effectively. I not only translate words, but also cultures.

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