About Alex

Alex Lago

I am multicultural. My name is Alex and I am half British on my mother’s side and half Spanish on my father’s side.

I was born in Liverpool but I moved to Spain very soon and together with my family I lived in different cities, until we finally settled in Mallorca.

I trained at the University of Miami in electronic engineering and have remained in constant training since then, expanding my knowledge in different areas: Commercial Law, Human Resources, Leadership, Logistics or Quality Management and Sustainable Tourism.

I have worked in business management for many years and have managed companies in the tourism, aviation and healthcare sectors but the best thing is that during these years, I have been lucky enough to live in several countries and have managed to become familiar with the culture, idioms and slang from the US, UK, Spain and South America.

I am an avid reader and my favorite sport is skiing, but what I am really passionate about is learning about different cultures and languages.
Alex Lago

Eliminate linguistic barriers. Trust Alex Translates for an accurate translation that maintains the integrity of your message.

Why should you choose me


I am lucky to be multicultural. With a Spanish father and British mother, I have been bilingual since I was a child.

On time

In a globalized world, time is everything, so I guarantee that if I do not deliver on time, I will refund your money.


Thanks to my knowledge and multicultural awareness, I guarantee an accurate translation. Your message understood as you want.


I have been translating texts for more than sixteen years, during which time I have accumulated extensive experience.


I maintain all formatting, making sure you do not waste time changing or adapting the document.

Competitive prices

I offer fair rates adjusted to the real needs of each project, guaranteeing quality and savings.

I make the world speak your language

Find out how I can convey your message clearly and effectively. I not only translate words, but also cultures.

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