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I offer translation from English to Spanish and translation from Spanish to English; I can also translate from Catalan & French to English or Spanish.

For clients interested in other languages as well, I have co-operation agreements with various translation agencies, and I can provide translation services in any language.

My mother is British and my father is Spanish; I have lived and worked in Spain, Cuba, Mexico, the UK and the USA. These experiences give me the ability to be able to translate into two languages, a unique advantage as most translators only translate into one language.

I understand the culture, people, cultural context and idioms of both languages.

My translations are accurate because I can remove the original wording, conceive the expressed idea in my mind, and rephrase it in the target language. The translation will flow as naturally as the original text.

In order to accurately translate a text, you have to fully understand the original, this does not pose a problem if it is a general text; but a technical or medical text could cause problems to someone not familiar with the particular terminology or language conventions. Translators should only translate topics they completely understand.

I can offer many areas of specialization, including:

  • Business management. Quality management. Logistics.
  • Commercial aviation.
  • Computers, hardware & software manuals.
  • Consumer electronics.
  • Consumer products.
  • Electrical engineering.
  • Environmental issues.
  • Food & beverages industry.
  • Industrial or professional products.
  • Literature.
  • Medical & healthcare industry.
  • Tourism.

Should your particular topic not be on this list, please contact me.

I use technology to help me in my daily routine and I have the necessary software tools to tackle any project.

Please visit my FAQ page to see about planning ahead, the translation costs and workflow, and other information.

Please contact me for information or an estimate.

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