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My mother is British and my father is Spanish. I was born in Liverpool and soon moved to Spain, living in various parts of Spain with my family until we finally settled in Majorca.

I finished my secondary education in Majorca and then went to the University of Miami to study electrical engineering.

I have been in business management for many years and have managed businesses in the tourism, aviation & healthcare industries.

Over many years I have had the good fortune to live in various countries. I am thoroughly familiar with the culture, idioms and slang of the USA, UK, Spain & South America; having lived for many years in all these regions.

I am highly educated, having continued to further my education after I left university. I have taken courses on business law, business finance, commercial aviation development, healthcare services excellence, human resources, leadership, logistics, quality management and sustainable tourism.

I learned various programming languages in university and I am a high end computer user. I use the internet daily and I am constantly trying and using new programs and technologies.

I am an avid reader. My favorite sport is skiing.

I have been a freelance translator since the end of 2007 and my previous professional experience includes:

7 years General Services Director, Policlinica Miramar Majorca, Spain
2½ years Assistant Director, Hotel Los Gigantes Tenerife, Spain
3½ years Commercial Director, Jet 1 Air Broker Majorca, Spain
1 year Room Division Manager, Hotel Oasis Cancun Cancun, Mexico
1½ years Commercial & Reservations Manager, Guitart Hotels Havana, Cuba
14 months Invoicing & Reservations Manager, Oasis Hotels Varadero, Cuba

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